Why Raw Foods?


Living Food is the Healthiest Food on the Planet!


Raw and living foods nourish your body and your cells with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other life-giving substances that cooking destroys.


Some of the many benefits of eating a raw and living foods diet are:

• Better digestion
• More energy
• Clearer eyes and smoother skin – the “Raw Glow”
• Mental clarity and focus
• Getting to and maintaining your ideal weight – without hunger
• Optimal body pH balance
• Optimal nutrition- packed with enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
• Stronger immune system
• Risk of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, is reduced
• Quick digestion: raw food diet will help you eliminate constipation and toxemia
• A happier  joyful attitude
• A youthful appearance – and zest for life!
• Feel Amazing!


Why eat living and raw foods?


The reasons abound.... Raw enzyme rich food supports the immune system keeping you vibrantly healthy as well as repairing damage done to a sick or diseased body. Weight loss becomes effortless. Your hair changes and some of the gray may disappear, wrinkles become less noticeable, your skin will glow and your eyes will sparkle!  You have abundant energy because your body isn't spending most of the day digesting enzyme-less food -putting your body into a food coma. You physically feel and look younger when you eat enzyme rich raw foods. This does not happen instantly, but, you will see and feel results in as little as a few days.

Raw food has been shown to reverse disease and degeneration. MANY people have healed themselves of cancers, diabetes, colitis, digestion problems, HIV, obesity, CFS, Asthma, ADD, ADHD anxiety, depression, allergies, migraines, back pain, heartburn, diverticulitis, and many more.....I personally believe it’s not the raw food that healed these ailments but rather your body is given the chance to heal itself while eating a restorative raw food diet.

Today raw gourmet food has become a hot trend within inner circles.  Celebrities and record breaking athletes have quickly adopted the new cuisine which besides being innovative, trendy and delicious has helped them feel younger and stay fit.  With so many great superstar testimonials, the list of Hollywood A list raw food enthusiast keeps growing.

Our culture has gotten very far away from eating food in its natural state. Between fast food, standard American diets heavy in meat, dairy, cheese, gluten, rancid oils and processed “healthy” frozen entrees cooked in the microwave, our bodies are in a constant state of confusion.  What is this eating style doing to your longevity, vitality and health?


Our bodies were not designed to live on preservatives, additives and all those chemicals in modern food. We all know intuitively it’s healthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The raw food lifestyle simply suggests that these foods should be most of what we eat.


You don’t have to eat 100% raw or even be a vegetarian to get started. While a “high-raw” diet – consisting of 80% or more raw foods, with the remaining being healthy cooked vegan food is optimal; anyone can enjoy improved health and vitality by eating the majority of their diet in the form of raw foods.