How does this work?  
Raw Indulgence is a raw food, weekly meal delivery service located on South Whidbey Island that provides organic, raw, prepared gourmet food. Raw Indulgence was passionately created to help you make a lifestyle change that is delicious, easy and fun.  No deprivation here, just an expression of a world of plenty and it’s all about Abundance- Join us on this journey of raw and living foods.

For your optimum vitality, our delightful menu changes weekly based on seasonal availability and the whim of the chef.  As a side, note some of our meals are large enough for 2 people.  

Each abundant bin has a variety of items usually consisting of:
1 Big Bag Salad Greens
5 Entrees
4 Side Dishes
4 Luscious Desserts
Plus lots of loving extras…<3

We highly encourage you to supplement your raw indulgence meals with easy to prepare fresh fruits, salads and smoothies. You will not only enjoy the variety and abundance of delightful flavors, you will also feel nourished and energized.

All meals are carefully packaged in reusable – to be returned glass packaging or in compostable containers made from plants.  You will also receive specific directions for storage and consumption.

How do I get started?

Step 1
- You place your Abundant Bin order no later the Midnight Saturday.  Please note that earlier is always better to ensure your spot, our raw food is artistically hand-crafted and
takes days of planning and loving labor :)

Step 2 - Sunday morning, you set out last week’s empty bin with all of its reusable contents so that they
can be sterilized and reused.
Step 3 - Sunday late afternoon - evening, we deliver to your front door step or wherever requested. You do not have to be home to receive your bin, we have cold packs available. We will reclaim last week’s bin at the time of drop off. Just come home and enjoy your abundant weekly gift to yourself.

New Customers please note: There is a one-time $30 charge for each of our abundant bins and reusable contents that we leave with you (bins should be rotated from week to week).